The Benefits of Offset Printing in Woodmere, NYC

benefits of offset printing

Offset printing in Woodmere, NYC is an excellent solution for large jobs such as producing PVC brochures or reprinting corporate images, offering both high quality output and cost efficiency when producing larger quantities.

Burned metal printing works by burning designs onto metal plates using four colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black), often with Pantone matching available for consistency and more durable prints than digital printing.

1. High-Quality Printing

Offset printing (also referred to as offset lithography) produces high-quality printed images with this print method using metal plates dedicated to each color: Cyan, Magenta Yellow and Black inks are applied using dots printed from individual metal plates arranged on sheets of paper to produce printed pages with small dots of colors on them.

Offset printing enables printers to reproduce your design’s colors more faithfully than digital printing can do, which relies on standard inks that don’t match Pantone brand colors precisely. Conversely, offset printing can mix custom color inks for each project to ensure accurate reproduction of colors.

Offset printing might initially cost more than its digital equivalent, but with higher volume orders it often ends up costing less per piece due to offset printing’s ability to offset upfront plate creation costs with ink usage costs per print run. Our high-volume digital and offset printing services help your message resonate with customers effectively.

2. Better Color Accuracy

As printing in Woodmere, NYC involves an abundance of colors, offset printing provides the best color accuracy compared to digital. With this method, a metal plate for each hue is created and mounted onto a printing cylinder before parts of its surface attract or repel ink respectively. Furthermore, offset printing enables custom ink colors such as Pantone colors expanding your palette options further.

Color theory is key when designing projects utilizing screen media, while printed materials use CMYK instead. Knowing this at the design phase will ensure accurate colors for your project; in addition, offset printing works great across a range of surfaces such as paper, fabric, leather and even metal surfaces.

3. Better Versatility

Offset printing works effectively for printing materials ranging from paper and cardstock, leather, vinyl, fabric, metal, wood and plastic – giving companies the ability to craft customized products that stand out in the marketplace while offering customers an unforgettable experience.

Pantone Matching Systems allow offset printing to reproduce colors accurately for a consistent look, which is especially beneficial to companies needing to reproduce specific hues for their logos.

Digital printing may eliminate some initial setup costs associated with offset printing; however, its price per piece declines as more pieces are printed – making offset more cost-effective in the long run for larger runs of materials.

4. Faster Printing

Conventional offset printing can be cost-effective for high-volume jobs. An initial investment in plates and setup costs results in reduced per unit prices once the press is operational.

Conventional offset printing requires hydrophobic or hydrophilic metal plates that attract ink while repel water, meaning certain areas attract it while others repel it. When we roll a plate cylinder through our press, ink settles on image areas of plates before being transferred onto rubber blankets for application onto paper stocks.

Digital options can be great for smaller projects with less than 500 units and do not need to exactly match Pantone colors, while for large scale projects offset printing is often the superior solution.

5. Eco-Friendly

Printing with offset eliminates harmful chemicals while producing large volumes at cost-effective rates, meaning your per unit cost decreases as more pieces are printed. Once setup costs have been paid off, this printing method has proven its worthiness to numerous industries and industries worldwide.

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Offset printing provides you with access to an extensive palette of Pantone colors as well as metallic and fluorescent inks, giving your message visual appeal and adding elegance that boosts its effectiveness and builds brand trust. Plus, variable data printing with offset is possible so you can tailor messaging specifically to target audiences; digital printers cannot match this capability.